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What All Young Women Should Know About Thyroid Cancer

An article was recently published on the facts women should know about thyroid cancer. With thyroid cancer as the eighth most common cancer in the US, it is important to be aware of some of the important features of this disease. The article, published in Self Magazine on June 27th 2016, begins by stating that thyroid cancer is more common in women, although experts are not sure why. Thyroid cancer also affects young people. It is the number one cancer in women in their 20s and the number two cancer in women in their 30s. Additionally, experts do not exactly know what causes thyroid cancer. Radiation exposure has been connected to thyroid cancer presence, as well as genetic mutations for certain types of thyroid cancer, but no definitive causes have been proven yet. The article discusses how the one major symptom of thyroid cancer is a lump on the neck.

The article stresses that there are basic elements that women should know about thyroid cancer, but to learn even more about all aspects of thyroid cancer, from what your diagnosis means to treatment options, register for the Thyroid Care Collaborative (TCC). The TCC provides access to extensive videos on thyroid cancer as well as an FAQ page, both of which are written by experts in the field.