About TCCC

The Thyroid Cancer Care Collaborative (TCCC)

The TCCC is the only thyroid cancer care portal, educational tool and data registry in existence.  The site allows doctors to record important data about their thyroid cancer patients, and then share that data with both the patient and the other doctors on the care team.  100% HIPAA compliant and easy to use, the TCCC also allows patients to store their own records securely and share them with their doctors.

Our educational offerings include 40 videos that explain everything from the basics of thyroid cancer to the most complex procedures, decision aids that help doctors refer to specific American Thyroid Association clinical practice guidelines in just a few clicks, an extensive patient FAQ section and more.

And as we help more doctors and patients connect and share vital thyroid cancer information at the point of care, that data helps the registry grow and offers even greater benefits to researchers who request de-identified data for their thyroid cancer studies.