Will all of my physicians automatically have access to the database? How do I permit other physicians to have access?
Your other physicians will be given access to your information only after you sign a written consent and authorize the physicians involved in your care to see your records. You have complete control over who you share your confidential medical information with.
How is my data protected?
Your data is protected electronically by our HIPAA compliant servers. The information entered into an encrypted database will be available only to you and the physicians with whom you decide to share it.
Is this the same as an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) or Electronic Health Records (EHR)?
TCCC is a special type of electronic record designed specifically with the thyroid patient in mind. It will serve as an additional resource for both the patient and the doctors involved in your care.
Who runs this database?
The TCCC is funded by the THANC (Thyroid, Head and Neck Cancer) Foundation. THANC is the first independent foundation dedicated specifically to research and education in the country for thyroid, head and neck cancer.
Is there any cost to participate?
This service is provided at no cost to you your physician, or your insurance company.
Is this information made available to my insurance company? Will this affect my coverage?
This program will not provide information to your insurance carrier.
Will my billing information be included in the database?
No financial information will be included in the TCCC. Data collected by the TCCC may be submitted by your doctor to your insurance company to support billing. Examples of this are operative reports or physician notes.
I don’t use the Internet, how does this benefit me?
Your own personal use of the TCCC will be limited if you don’t use the internet, but you can still benefit by your providers utilizing of the TCCC. Your participation in the database will help connect all of your physicians and allow them to be continuously updated on your progress including lab values, regularly scheduled office visits and procedures. It will help to eliminate information delays and errors between offices. Your physicians will also be able to use their time more efficiently and maximize their time spent with you, the patient. Additionally, researchers may be able to better treat thyroid disease as a result of having access to your information.
Am I required to have an account for my physician to use this database?
Yes. In order for your doctors to access the database, you must have a TCCC account.
May I participate without my name being involved?
The goal of this project is to connect physicians with the patients’ best interests in mind. In order to do this, patient data must be connected to their identity. However, information will only be shared with physicians, approved by the patient, to access the database. Any information that will be used for research purposes will have been stripped of all personal identifying information.
How do I share TCCC information with non-participating physicians?
TCCC will allow you to view and print a copy of your records which can then be provided to non-TCCC physicians. That being said, the goal of this project is to create a universally accessible system and we encourage patients to discuss involvement with their other physicians.
Will TCCC record or provide information unrelated to my thyroid condition?
The goal of TCCC is the improved management and tracking of your thyroid disease. Primarily, information pertaining to your own thyroid condition will be entered and stored within the program, but additional data relating to changes in health status will also be available for your reference.
How do I discontinue my participation in the TCCC?
At any point you may choose to withdraw yourself from the TCCC program. However, information previously collected may not be removed from the database.