Keep your Thyroid Cancer Records Safe


The TCC is proud to offer the ability to keep your records safe and secure by uploading then into the application from the privacy of your own home.   This new feature is a way for you to make sure you can share your records with new doctors as needed while not having to worry about carrying the shopping bag of paper that so many thyroid cancer survivors know all too well.

The process only has two steps:

  1. Register for the TCC here (it’s free!)
  2. Navigate to the “Take Control of your records page and drag the files into the window.

That’s it!  We want to give patients the peace of mind that comes with their information being guarded and available to you (and the doctors you invite to view them) whenever you need them.

And what’s more, you can allow the TCC to take the paper records and turn it into discrete data that can be viewed by you and your doctors AND be available for academic research.  Compiling data so that the scientific community can find new and better ways to treat and help patients is a huge part of the TCC’s  mission and you can help.

Any patient who allows their data to be used for research will have their privacy protected, as all medical information is de-identified before being added to any research data-set.  If you have more questions, please feel free to reach out to us using our contact page.

And that’s not all!  If you have paper records and need them scanned, we can still help.  The TCC is teaming up with, the largest thyroid cancer support organization in America to come to their chapter meetings with a scanner and scan THYCA member records while you wait.  Check back to this page or with your local THYCA chapter to see when we will be with you, or contact us and let us know you would like us at your next meeting.