Information for Medical Oncologists

Improve Patient Specific Care and Access to Clinical Trials

The TCCC provides specific decision modules utilizing information collected by all of the physicians participating in a thyroid patient’s care. Decision aids range from evaluating a patient’s response to therapy and the potential role for a patient to consider a clinical trial or systemic therapy. The inclusion and exclusion criteria for available clinical trials will be incorporated into the system to ease the process of determining whether or not a particular patient can qualify for a particular clinical trial.

Physician members of the TCCC will have immediate access to all of their patient records anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection. Through the use of the doctor banner you will be able to easily access the most pertinent information about your patient, without having to sift through his or her entire electronic or paper health record.


The TCCC facilitates communication through the implementation of email alerts which decrease the need for letter dictations and telephone calls or faxes. Additionally, the TCCC provides educational modules that offer valuable information for patients about thyroid disease. This resource allows the physician to focus on discussing the important questions with an educated patient rather than explaining time consuming details at a time when the patient may be unable to concentrate.


The TCCC facilitates long-term follow-up between collaborating physicians. All doctors within a patient’s care circle will be able to assess the individual’s response to therapy and subsequent recommended level of post-treatment surveillance. These decisions are guided by the Clinical Decision Making Modules (CDMMs) of the application, which analyze specific data and make recommendations to providers and patients based on history and risk of recurrence.

Furthermore, the TCCC will allow providers to examine their entire patient population. The built in query system allows review of all patient data in a comprehensive manner on a macro scale. Physicians will have the ability to request records from the entire TCCC database to conduct large scale clinical research. Requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis by the multidisciplinary research committee.