Clinical Trials


Please note that this feature is based on planned future functionality. Implementation will be a product of continued research and development as well as TCCC user feedback.

The landscape of clinical trials in the United States is constantly changing and can often be overwhelming for both patients and physicians. For this reason, one of the major goals of the TCCC is to include clinical trials as an accessible component.

When new clinical trials become available, the entry and exclusion criteria (which can be complex, sometimes up to 40+ items) will be entered into the TCCC. While this information is enormously difficult for an individual to filter through, the TCCC does it quickly and can easily identify potential candidates for each clinical trial.

Using the criteria submitted to the system by the trial investigators, the TCCC can alert the MD if a patient is a potential match for a clinical trial.

Essentially, the TCCC aims to improve both access and enrollment in clinical trials to ensure that all patients are receiving the highest and most personalized level of care and achieving the best possible outcome.