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How the THANC Foundation is Supporting Thyroid Awareness Month

January is thyroid awareness month. Throughout the month, the goal is to increase awareness of all aspects of thyroid health as well as the importance of early detection and monitoring. The THANC (Thyroid, Head and Neck Cancer) Foundation focuses on conducting and supporting research and education of thyroid cancer and head and neck cancer. In addition, THANC’s initiatives are designed to support patients and through these efforts, to alleviate suffering.

For thyroid awareness month, the THANC Foundation has created the “Protect Your Neck” campaign. As with most medical conditions, early detection of thyroid disease is essential for the best outcomes for patients. This campaign utilizes the image of scarves to urge individuals to protect their necks through increased thyroid education and neck monitoring. The THANC Foundation strives to support early detection and treatment of thyroid cancer, and this campaign is just one of the many steps taken to achieve that goal and to raise awareness.