Thyroid Cancer Care Collaborative
Our Vision

To evolve thyroid cancer care to its highest level of excellence by providing the most comprehensive and personalized treatment to patients over a lifetime.

We will accomplish this by maintaining a detailed record of all aspects of individual thyroid cancer patients' disease and treatment in a database accessible (by permission) to all care providers as well as patients.

We will vigilantly monitor individual records and analyze comprehensive data to identify risk factors and new treatment opportunities for all our members. We will alert patients to timely follow up assessments and relevant research findings.

Through this collaborative system, patients will receive the benefit of centralized medical data reporting related to their thyroid cancer treatment to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of communication between care providers through a HIPAA compliant system.

About the TCCC

Established in 2010, the Thyroid Cancer Care Collaborative (TCCC) is a unique concept in patient care.

The TCCC is both a tool to record and monitor individual patient records and a rigorous and comprehensive approach to analyzing data and applying results to the unique and specific needs of each patient. This is accomplished through the observation and research of dedicated professionals.

Our professionals, under the leadership of Dr. Mark Urken, represent experts in the fields of otolaryngology, general surgery, endocrinology, medical oncology and nuclear medicine.

The Thyroid Cancer Care Collaborative is funded by the THANC Foundation. The THANC (Thyroid, Head and Neck Cancer) Foundation was established in 2003. An essential part of its mission is to support research to better understand the cause and progression of thyroid cancer and advance new therapeutic approaches to relieve suffering and enhance quality of life of patients.

Recent News

Adults with Indeterminate Thyroid Nodules May Be Receiving Excessive Surgery, and How the TCC Can Help
A study shows that individuals with indeterminate thyroid nodules may receive an inappropriate initial extent of surgery. The TCC uses the ATA guidelines to automatically provide users with the clinical course suggested by these national guidelines. Read More

The TCC Reports on Younger Thyroid Cancer Survivors Facing Long-Term Health Risks
A new study has revealed that younger thyroid cancer survivors are at increased risk for certain types of health problems later in life. The TCC aims to educate patients and physicians by providing them with the most up to date research findings. Read More

The TCC Discusses Routine Thyroid Cancer Screening
According to new recommendations from the USPSTF, routine screening for thyroid cancer is not recommended. The TCC explores this idea further. Read More

The TCC’s Update on Immunotherapies as Potential Treatment in Thyroid Cancer
The TCC reports on a new study that looks at the emerging developments in immunotherapy and the potential to apply them to thyroid cancer. Read More

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