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Take Control of Your Records!

The Thyroid Care Collaborative (TCC) has recently launched a new feature: patients are now able to take control of their records and upload them to the TCC. Patients can keep track of and have immediate access to all medical records by uploading them to their secure, HIPAA compliant TCC profile. To help the care team easily identify relevant health records, patients will choose from one of the categories to describe the uploaded report and will include a brief description of the record. The TCC team will subsequently enter the information from the scanned reports into the TCC’s discrete data forms for release to the physicians on the patient’s care team.

The TCC aims to empower patients to become an active player in their thyroid health, from providing an extensive video library on all aspect of thyroid care, to providing expert answers to frequently asked questions, and now, allowing patients to personally upload their medical records without having to rely on their doctors or medical offices. The goal of the TCC is to advance the quality of thyroid care and treatment. This new feature allows patients to become active participants in their care management.