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TCC to Attend 20th Annual Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Conference in Baltimore

The TCC is proud to be attending the 2oth annual THYCA (Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association) conference in Baltimore, MD October 6-8, 2017.  We are also very excited to be able to help THYCA members get their records into the TCC for safekeeping, better coordination between their doctors, and research.  THYCA is reaching out to its members with the following message from us, and we are hoping any THYCA members who are interested in using the TCC but not attending the meeting to contact your local chapter so we can hopefully come to you!

The Thyroid Cancer Care Collaborative is an online resource for doctors, patients and thyroid cancer research that allows all survivors a safe, secure place to store their records.  The process is as easy as dragging and dropping the scans into your web browser.  From there (with your permission),  we will convert the scans to discrete data that can be shared with the doctors caring for you and with researchers working to develop better treatments.

And if you will be at the 20th annual Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Conference in Baltimore, Maryland this October 6-8 ( you can bring your records on paper and the TCC team will scan them for you while you wait.  Visit for more information!

We are looking forward to the conference and to being able to help THYCA members all over the US digitize their records.