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TCCC Featured in the Journal: Thyroid

What Is the Gold Standard for Comprehensive Interinstitutional Communication of Perioperative Information for Thyroid Cancer Patients? A Comparison of Existing Electronic Health Records with the Current American Thyroid Association Recommendations

Dos Reis Laura L., Tuttle R. Michael, Alon Eran, Bergman Donald A., Bernet Victor, Brett Elise M., Cobin Rhoda, Doherty Gerard, Harris Jeffrey R., Klopper Joshua, Lee Stephanie L., Lupo Mark, Milas Mira, Machac Josef, Mechanick Jeffrey I., Orloff Lisa, Randolph Gregory, Ross Douglas S., Smallridge Robert C., Terris David James, Tufano Ralph P., Mehra Saral, Scherl Sophie, Clain Jason B., and Urken Mark L.. Thyroid. October 2014, 24(10): 1466-1472. doi:10.1089/thy.2014.0209.

In a review article published in the journal Thyroid in October, the TCCC was compared to the American Thyroid Association’s standard for electronic reporting of thyroid cancer information.   The TCCC was found to comply completely with requirements set by the ATA, and to exceed the standard by offering a robust patient resource section including frequently asked questions about thyroid cancer and an educational video library designed to support patients and enhance communication between patients and physicians.  TCCC tap and click surgical diagrams were also featured on the cover of the October issue of Thyroid!