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The TCCC Informs Users of a Phase II Study Testing a New Drug for Patients with Advanced Thyroid Cancer

A new drug, CUDC-907, that may be able to shrink thyroid tumors that have spread, is now in a phase II trial and being tested in advanced thyroid cancer patients. Currently there are no standard or effective treatment options for aggressive types of thyroid malignancies such as anaplastic and poorly differentiated thyroid cancer. The study is investigating if the drug can inhibit specific growth signals in thyroid cancer cells and thus shrink these tumors. This drug, which was one of the most promising agents in the lab’s preclinical studies, also targets genetic alterations that frequently occur in these types of tumors, making it potentially even more effective in treatment. The TCCC (Thyroid Cancer Care Collaborative) aims to educate patients and physicians on current research in order to keep users informed on treatment options. In addition, it is the aim of the TCCC to notify patients of clinical trials that may be appropriate for their clinical situation.

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