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TCC to Attend 20th Annual Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Conference in Baltimore

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The TCC is proud to be attending the 2oth annual THYCA (Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association) conference in Baltimore, MD October 6-8, 2017.  We are also very excited to be able to help THYCA members get their records into the TCC for safekeeping, better coordination between their doctors, and research.  THYCA is reaching out to its […]

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Low-Iodine Recipe #1: Breakfast

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Thyroid cancer patients are often required to alter their dietary intake in preparation for either a radioiodine scan and/or treatment. Restricting the amount of iodine in the diet for a period of two weeks does not need to be overly challenging.

How the THANC Foundation is Supporting Thyroid Awareness Month

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For thyroid awareness month, the THANC Foundation has created the “Protect Your Neck” campaign, utilizing the image of scarves to urge individuals to protect their necks through increased thyroid education and neck monitoring.