Mara Roth, MD

Specialty: Endocrinology
Telephone: (855) 557-0555

About Dr. Roth

Doctor Roth is an Endocrinologist who practices in Washington.


Dr. Mara Roth
1959 Ne Pacific St
Seattle, WA 98195

Endocrine and Diabetes Care Center at UWMC Roosevelt
4245 Roosevelt Way NE
3rd Floor
Seattle, WA 98105

Selected Publications

Ilani N, Roth MY, Amory JK, Swerdloff RS, Dart C, Page ST, Bremner WJ, Sitruk-Ware R, Kumar N, Blithe DL, Wang C A new combination of testosterone and nestorone transdermal gels for male hormonal contraception. The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism 2012 Oct; 97; 10; 3476-86.

Roth MY, Amory JK Testosterone for low libido in postmenopausal women? Expert review of endocrinology & metabolism 2009 Mar; 4; 2; 131-133.

Lee A, Rubinow K, Clark RV, Caricofe RB, Bush MA, Zhi H, Roth MY, Page ST, Bremner WJ, Amory JK Pharmacokinetics of modified slow-release oral testosterone over 9 days in normal men with experimental hypogonadism. Journal of andrology 2012 May-Jun; 33; 3; 420-6.

Roth MY, Elmore JG, Yi-Frazier JP, Reisch LM, Oster NV, Miglioretti DL Self-detection remains a key method of breast cancer detection for U.S. women. Journal of women’s health (2002) 2011 Aug; 20; 8; 1135-9.

Roth MY, Page ST, Lin K, Anawalt BD, Matsumoto AM, Marck B, Bremner WJ, Amory JK The effect of gonadotropin withdrawal and stimulation with human chorionic gonadotropin on intratesticular androstenedione and DHEA in normal men. The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism 2011 Apr; 96; 4; 1175-81.