Xiao Lin, MD

Specialty: Radiation Oncology
Telephone: 260-436-4116

About Dr. Lin

Doctor Lin is a Radiation Oncologist who practices in Indiana.


Dr. Xiao Lin, MD, PhD
7910 W Jefferson Blvd #110
Fort Wayne, IN 46804

Selected Publications

Evolution combined with genomic study elucidates genetic bases of isobutanol tolerance in Escherichia coli. Minty, J. J., Lesnefsky, A. A., Lin, F., Chen, Y., Zaroff, T. A., Veloso, A. B., Xie, B., McConnell, C. A., Ward, R. J., Schwartz, D. R., Rouillard, J. M., Gao, Y., Gu…> ;Microb Cell Fact. 2011

Microdroplet-enabled highly parallel co-cultivation of microbial communities. Park, J., Kerner, A., Burns, M. A., Lin, X. N.> ;PLoS One. 2011

Multisite phosphorylation provides an effective and flexible mechanism for switch-like protein degradation. Varedi K, S. M., Ventura, A. C., Merajver, S. D., Lin, X. N.> ;PLoS One. 2010